Cycle a bike


In no particular order:

  • Jonnys parents: Thanks for putting-us-up (or should I say 'putting-up-with-us') for the three weeks we spent with you planning our trip from the UK. My mum helped us massively without even realising, it's in your nature to help and we're really grateful for it.
  • Radkas family: Thanks for keeping us for the three weeks we spent in Czech just before our travels. You fed us like kings and took us on many great trips! We will miss you.
  • Heather Kiggins and John Winter: You've been our closest friends for 2+ years and we owe a lot of our ambition for this trip to you guys. Thanks for being who you are and for everything you have done for us in the past.
  • Andrew Hoosen: A gifted creative designer with great professionalism. We've both worked with Andrew for several years and can only say great things for his talent. Andrews's always been a great friend to us and proved this when he provided our header banner and 'about' pictures, along with many great suggestions on the creative design of our website.
  • Mark and Helen Saunders: We owe you massively for all your help! Mark carried our possessions down 5 flights of stairs for 3 hours, 3 days before a knee operation! They both then took us out for beers and food, only to get up at 7am the next morning and drive us 1000km back to Liverpool. They extended their kindness by giving a home to our plants. You've been great friends to us.
  • Bluechip: This UK based web agency will keep us entertained and provide our quick web access by kindly donating an IPod touch. They also contributed half of the cost of our ASUS Netbook, on which we now write our blog.
  • Our Amaze colleagues: We were taken by surprise when our work friends made a cash collection to honour our trip. Thanks for the card and your generous donations. We will be spending the money on an activity during our trip, pictures to follow!
  • Maison du Velo (Brussels): This quaint bike shop in Brussels comes packed with great touring bikes and experienced staff. Jointly owned by a couple who have many years of cycle touring experience. You will find here all of the equipment and guidance you need to create a full kit for cycle touring.
  • Quinn Cycles (Liverpool): An independent bike shop in Liverpool who have consistently, and without fail, provided a high quality service and have very knowledgeable staff. I wish we could carry a little mini Quinns in our pocket at all times. We owe specific thanks for providing the bike boxes for all of our cycle touring so far... very useful to avoid carting around bike bags for your entire trip!