Cycle a bike


(Radka) Jonny and I met in 2007 whilst working for the same company. Jonny had long hair at the time and he looked about 15 years old.

For our first date we drove 3.5h from Liverpool to North Wales to go on 6h walk on what we now call 'Our mountain'. Then drove 3.5h back home. 13h long first date and we are inseparable since. I knew Jonny liked me also because he had a ticket to see his favourite band that night and he missed it because of me :-)

(Jonny) The first time I saw Radka she had pink hair, I thought she was cool and courageous to go with something so bold, only to find out later that she'd actually screwed up when dying it red... she's still cool and courageous, although it really annoys me the way she never trains for anything and still manages to pull it off, she's one tough Czechy.

Radka Fialova

I have been thinking about travelling for a while, but I did not pick up enough courage to just drop everything and go. I don't want to have any regrets when I am old. I want to have a bag full of wonderful, colourful memories and loads of friends all over the world. And things like house and kids will hopefully also happen for me one day.

Age: 28

Nationality: I am a Czechie from 'Radkalandia'

Occupation: Previous to my full time cycling and tramping career, I was a Project Manager at the Digital Marketing agency Amaze. They promised to have me back, if I return from this trip in one piece and no later then April 2012.

Origins: I come from a little town in Czech Republic called Kourim. You can find it around 60Km South-East from Prague. My parents still live there, but I moved away in 2002 to UK and then into Belgium in 2009. I miss the place.

Goals: Get fit, make at least 1 friend a day, learn how to maintain a bike (I know nothing, oops), learn about local food and recipes, learn to write interesting blogs and take loads of amazing pictures, make a difference in someone’s life, ride my yellow bike in some ridiculous places.

Preparations: I have done little training. I am really quite unfit right now. 66 Kg for my 158 cm (oops). I have not been riding my bike regularly for about a year now. Jonny calls me 'Do it on the day Radka' because I never properly get ready for anything and just wing it. Fingers crossed I will pull it off this time.

RadkaJonny Primmer

I was born and lived in Liverpool until 26 at which point I moved to Brussels, Belgium. I spent two great years in Belgium, especially enjoying cycling the countryside. I have a strong family and great friends who have both filled me with the ambition I have today.

Age: 28

Nationality: English

Occupation: Winding up Radka is my full-time job, closely followed by web development.

Motivations: I enjoy keeping fit but flipping hate running, so cycling seems like the next best thing, plus it'd take ages to run around the world! I really want to see if we can do this.

Goals: The worlds full of many amazing people, I hope to meet as many as possible. I'd love to circumnavigate the world entirely by bike, although I've quickly realised how hard this will be, I guess we'll end up flying at some point... we'll try better peoples lives whilst in the process.

Preparations: Cycled to work for the past two years, anyone who saw me arriving in the morning with a huge noodle hanging from my nose can vouch for me! I spent the last month before our travels indulging... fried cheese, fried mushrooms, fried dough with cheese, fried cauliflower, chocolate, beer... does that count?