Cycle a bike

Hello and welcome to Cycle a Bike blog, we are Jonny and Radka.

In January 2011 we made the spontaneous decision to take time off work and do some travelling. We both love cycling, and agreed pretty much immediately when Jonny suggested we should cycle as much as possible.

Carrying everything to survive and travelling by bike gives us the liberation to explore where we like and removes us from our daily worries. Freedom, living outdoors and socialising with local people is our desire.

Our trip, started on 20th May, had many chops and changes, many unexpected turns and was most definately a different trip to the one we had planned! We first cycled from Czech Republic to Turkey, which was roasting hot so we took a plane to India and crossed the Indian Himalayas, also surprisingly hot... if we ever see Dal and rice again, it'll be too soon! 

We chomped down on vegetable fried rice for nearly 5 months whilst pedalling our way through the tropical continent of South-East Asia before a quick month in New Zealand then home.

Hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures.

(I've only covered up to the end of Thailand, I'll finish writing this blog someday).

Jonny & Radka



  • Currently: Back home!!
  • Distance: 7005 km
  • Days on road: 11 months
  • Countries: 13
  • Started: 20th May 2011
  • Last updated: 26th April 2012